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GoWatts 700 Portable Power Station



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GoWatts 700 Portable Power Station


Dawad GoWatts 700 is the lightest Portable Power Station in the 700W category. It offers 7 power outlets and 6 unique ports to power your various electronics. GoWatts 700 can be charged via an AC outlet, a car charger, and portable solar panels, too keep you supercharged on all your adventures.

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  • GoWatts 700 is your portable power companion that will supercharge your adventures!
  • You get over 1000 charge cycles at optimal battery health
  • At 5.8kgs (12.8lbs) GoWatts 700 is the lightest 700W power station
  • Perfectly compact dimensions (258mm×175mm×164.5mm) so you can fit it in your cupboard, your car, and even your backpack!
  • Charge anywhere within 7 hours with Dawad’s 100W Portable Solar Panel (sold separately)
  • Nearly ZERO Parasitic Drain. Get the most out of a single charge!

Product Specifications



Product Dimensions

258mm x 175mm x 164.5 mm

Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Battery Energy

577Wh (155900mAh)


‎220 Volts


‎700 watts

Charge Protection

Charging Overcurrent Protection, Pure Sine Wave AC Current

Included Components

Charging Adapter, Car Charging Wire.

Item Package Quantity


Item Weight

‎5.8 kg (12.8 lbs)

Lighting Modes

5 modes (2W - 3W)


Discharge (-10°C ~ 50°C), Storage (-10°C ~ 60°C)

Product Service and Support

Dawad’s priority is that you get a continued satisfactory experience with our products. If the product runs into a problem and needs a repair, please contact our distributor from whom you originally purchased the product, or contact our representative from the Dawad website.

If the product is found to be defective, please reach out to us and provide the details of the defect. We will guide you on how to return or exchange the product by issuing a number. Unauthorized returns (that is, returns without an issued number for your Dawad GoWatts Power Station) will be returned to you at your expense.

Authorized returns must be paid in advance, insured, and must be shipped in the original shipping box to the address provided on the return form. The original box and packaging materials must be properly stored for the safe return of Dawad products.

Warranty Instructions

Dawad provides free repairs under warranty for purchases within the United States only. In order to claim your warranty you must have the original purchase receipt of the product. 

Standard service/repair will not be performed in case of:

  1. Any hardware is missing from the Dawad product
  2. The stated issue is not found
  3. The damage occurred prior to Dawad’s receipt of the product
  4. The damage occurred due to product misuse, improper installation/modification (including opening or removing the casing.)

In case of accident or misoperation, Dawad will not be responsible for repairing/returning/servicing the returned products. The warranty does not cover postage, delivery charges, or other unrelated costs.

What’s in the Box?

1 Dawad GoWatts 700 Portable Power Station

1 95W Power Supply Adapter

1 Car Charger Cable

1 Product Manual